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Great Pacific Northwest Dryside Gather 1999

Here's my bike, loaded up and on the way down.

On the way down, I stopped in to visit with Stan Krute . Nice house, 220 acres just south of the Oregon border in the Siskyous

Various Biker Scumô feasting at the Gather

Ed "Gooz" Guzman making margaritas with the racing model 2-stroke blender.

Michael Schamens & Rachel "Princess" Herold

Wendy "Dahlface" showing off her T shirt

What a fine machine. I also had a good camping spot (I happened to arrive just as the site was opened).

Andrea "Nrrd Grrl" Widdison and Wendy "Dahlface" study up on potential tips and techniques for a popular outdoor activity.

Andrea Widdison (like many of the ladies over the weekend) thoroughly enjoys her ride on Jack "The Crazy Irishman" 's yellow Ducati Monster M900.

Randall "Blackbear" Mietzner's Silver M750 in front of Jack's M900

Friday's chicken course is prepared

Andrea RRRRRRainey's bike next to Tim Keane's Bimota SB8R

Steve "Cabana Boy 3" Gross and Steve "Ash" Peltier provide a nice frame for Angela "Tits" Barkes

Lisa Gumm studies up on popular outdoor activities

Gooz continues his well-regarded work in mixology

Paul "SSPaul" Ritter passes in front of a line of hungry biker scum

Marguerite "Mig: Storbo serves up a lovely dish (and good food as well)

Rebecca "SwtP" Mayer and Angela dish it up.

Marguerite "Mig" Storbo's lovely outfit.

La Piece de la resistance - truffles, transported via motorcycle trailer and kept cold via dry ice. Tom "txd" Dietrich and Phil Kopp open the cooler while SwtP looks on.

And the awards ceremony must go on. Martin "Fryar" Golding presides

John "JC" Coultier accepts an award for his "DNF" en route to the gather.

Leigh Ann "Evil Californian" Hussey, receiving the honorary "Gather Beans" (which have been to every gather).

Colette "BikerCJ" Johnson reads from "Sex in the Outdoors"

Ash and CJ. Why are they both smiling like that?

Ruth, Seth & Spider

Ruth, Seth, Spider & Ash

I finally get home, 10.5 hours, 594 miles later. Even though 6 lb of scrapple was served at the gather, I carried more stuff home than I carried down (I now know much better how to load this bike).

The odometer crossed over 2000 miles a few blocks shy of my house.

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